Modern Glam: Zahavit Tshuba Bridal Collection

Calling All Style Obsessed Brides:

You will probably go gaga over this next designer we’re about to introduce to you.  This collection is not and I repeat not for the bride who wants to play it safe, this collection by Israeli designer Zahavit Tshuba is oh so modern glam.  It represents the bride who’s bridal style is defined as sexy, daring, modern and uber-chic.  This bride will definately be what I call a Bride-Thrilla, she will leave the guests speechless when she makes her big debut on the white carpet.

Zahavit uses various types of silk fabric, special lace imported from Europe and insists on fashion cuts that compliment the body and top quality sewing. She designed evening dresses, shoes and jewelry for women of fine taste in Israel and abroad.  She describes her line as a fusion of materials, inspired by ideas derived from her lifestyle and experience, linked into the word of style & fashion. There are flexibility and motion together with the expression of individuality. Its aspires to break away from the standard and norm. Each product reflects uniqueness, sophistication, style, finesse and prestige – all which in my eyes a woman should really possess….

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