Nouvelle Artisan Collection by Delila Fox

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Inspired by modern architecture and abstract art the Nouvelle Artisan Collection by Australian designer Delila Fox epitomizes a new era of creativity. Merging clean lines with artisan techniques.  The Delila Fox bride is a modern woman, inspired by real women: from ‘the modern bohemian, the go-getters, the creative’s and the empowered girl bosses.’ She is a cool bride, a contemporary bride who isn’t afraid to break the traditional rules and create her own…

The collection was designed for the inspired bride. A unique woman with a wicked sense of sophistication. A sophisticated kind of nomad who stays true to her sleek, minimal preferences but is known, to over indulge in an element of surprise. The Nouvelle Artisan bride is no wallflower and is beautifully unique.  Get ready to swoon over the brand’s stunning attention to detail, unique series of production techniques (including delicate hand-beaded embroidery and hand sewn lace applique) and effortlessly cool style (Delila Fox just breathes style).