Nurit Hen 2014 Wedding Dresses Part 1

We absolutely cannot deny the fact that Israeli designers run the bridal fashion world. We have had to pleasure of working with other Israeli designers and would love to work with this amazing designer.  Designer Nurit Hen wowed us last year with its 2013 collection of show-stopping wedding gowns. Now the Israeli designer has released more breathtaking gowns that just blows you completely away. Each look in this collection is a classic in it’s own right. From embellished long sleeve stunners and that romantic yet sensual silhouette we have now come to love with this region… there’s nothing but perfection. 

img_4919 img_4714 img_4629 (1) img_5096 img_5190 img_5186 img_5361 img_5403 img_5012 img_4593 img_4489 img_4405 img_4359 img_4294 img_3896 img_3945 img_3997 img_4081 img_4123 img_3548 img_3708 img_3727 img_3864

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