Elizabeth Fillmore Fall 2013 Bridal Collection

The ELIZABETH FILLMORE BRIDAL collection launched in 1999, as a natural extension of her evening line.  “I love the “magical” aspect of a wedding gown, and the personal choice each bride makes…I design for the “Modern Romantic”…Individuality is so important to me and the look of each collection.”

The designs are a beautiful balance of Sophistication, Femininity, and a touch of the “Bohemian”…there is an overall lightness to the designs coupled with the personal touch of hand done accents on each dress, the flowers, trim or twist of a drape, that keeps the collection so special.  The Collection focuses on slender bias cuts with graceful draping accents, chic fitted hourglass gowns to ethereal empire silhouettes…the fabrics are extremely important to the look of the collection – Elizabeth uses all silk fabrics and linings – relying on mainly French and Italian couture fabrics that offer an added originality and richness to the designs.

ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_CALISTA_front ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_ANASTASIA_front_3 ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_ELSA_front ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_ELSA-w-Cape_front ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_EVANGELINE_front ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_JEWEL_front ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_TIA_front_0 ElizabethFillmore_B_2013_Fall_CARMEN_front


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