Travel Tuesday: What’s Your Honeymoon Style?

A quiet beachfront bungalow in Fiji, an elegant grand hotel in Paris, a nice cruise to South America, a romantic private island in the British Virgin Islands… whatever your taste in travel, the right honeymoon gets your marriage off to the best start.

Before you open the travel guides, sit down with your partner and take this quiz. Your answers will determine what kind of vacation serves you both–and may just surprise you. (All you need is a pen and paper to keep track of your answers!)

1. When you picture yourself in an idyllic spot, what is the setting?
a. A mountaintop
b. By the beach
c. On the winding streets of an Italian hill town

2. What’s your favorite climate for a vacation?
a. Temperate climes
b. Hot, tropical weather
c. Not important, just get me to the sights

3. Rate your excitement quotient for a trip:
a. I crave athletic adventure
b. Solitude for miles and miles
c. The bustle and excitement of a city with lots of people and sights to see

4. What are your favorite pastimes?
a. Hiking, skiing and horseback riding
b. Swimming and snorkeling
c. Dining in fine restaurants and shopping

5. When you’re on vacation, a great day can be described as:
a. Staying active outdoors, unplugged and in nature
b. Doing nothing at all
c. Visiting museums, dining in fine restaurants and going to the theater

6. Which of the following is a “must” about a destination for you?
a. Viewing wildlife and getting as far off the grid as possible
b. A desolate beach and a great tan
c. Gourmet meals and creature comforts like an extra-large bed and modern bathroom

7. Which is the following comes closest to a dream location you’ve always fantasized about visiting?
a. Viewing the wildebeest migration in Tanzania from a hot-air balloon
b. Diving off your beach bungalow’s own private pier into azure waters
c. A candlelit, five-star meal in a 15th-century chateau

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