The Groom’s Lounge: Choosing The Right Suit/Tux

As your bride walks down the aisle, all eyes will be on her, her stunning bridal gown and her beauty.  However once the ceremony begins, you’ll both be in the spotlight.  Your hair perfectly styled, nails manicured, scent captivating and that suit or tuxedo a perfect fit!

Finding a suit that fits well and enhances your physique is crucial.  By far the most important aspect of the suit or tux is the fit.   It must fit properly or it will come across as rented instead of refined.  A modern well fitted suit will make you look and feel confident.

Tall & Thin/Medium Height & Build

Thinner men look great in double-breasted jackets.   To help make your body appear more muscular and create a great line, request for a little extra padding in the shoulders and for the waist to be taken in to a comfortable width.

For the pants, choose a slightly fuller leg than normal, with a higher rise.

Short & Thin

You’ll look best in a single-breasted jacket with a single button placed lower to lengthen the lines of your look.  If you’d like to appear a little broader, a notched or “peak” lapel is a good choice. You can also achieve the same effect with a double-breasted jacket.

The pants legs should end just above your shoes, angling slightly downward in the back. Thinner ties are the best choice for your shape as are vests with an elegant, understated pattern.

Tall & Muscular

The single-breasted shawl-collar tux (smooth, thinner collar without notched lapels) is the best choice for men who are tall and muscular.  Avoid double-breasted jackets as the buttons will bring focus to your midsection and make it look wider.

The length of the jacket is also very important.  Relax your arms, with hands down at your side your fingertips should reach the bottom of the jacket sleeve.  Your shirt cuffs should sit about an inch beyond the jacket sleeve.  Your jacket should feel a little loose so you can move easily, hug family and friends and sit down and let some air circulate.

If you have a wide face or thick neck, select a spread collar rather than the wing tip and avoid thin ties or you may end up looking like you are being choked. However, that doesn’t mean you go for a huge bow tie either, choose a size that is in proportion with your face and neck.  Ask that your pants legs are slightly wider if you have large or muscular thighs for comfort and a better look.

Short & Muscular

The single-breasted jacket, with a shawl collar and the button low around the belt line will make your torso appear longer and leaner.  The shawl collar is a smooth, thinner collar without notched lapels. Ask for more shoulder padding to give you some stronger (but not too much).

The legs of the pants should be cut as low as possible, making the break between the pants leg and the shoe as subtle as possible. If they are angled a little in back, they will help make your legs look longer.

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