Beauty Chat with Gregory Dean + Ida Slaughter

After being a makeup artist for 17 years and diving head on into the bridal side of beauty five years ago I started to come across and partner with some local experts who began to feel more like a glamour tribe of sorts. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. It’s been exciting to learn some new tricks and ways to expand the client’s  experience from them so many years in. As we move into Spring’s bridal season kick off, anticipating the biggest ever, I wanted to take a minute to sit down and hear their thoughts instead of giving my own direction and story so much. Those two irreplaceable folks that hold such a great spot in my corner, if you will, are Hair Stylist Gregory Dean and Makeup Artist and Microblading brow expert Ida Slaughter. It’s important to note Gregory Dean is also a master esthetician , health coach, wellness expert, and makeup artist trained in California that has run salons schools and med spas but he is humble and kind enough to let those around him shine a bit too. Ida has worked for some of the best brands around in management at MAC , Smashbox, Nars, Nordstrom and more.  They have both been last minute lifesavers for me and after a schedule mishap and moving an entire cross country trip around while working on my own cosmetic line they have come through with great advice and some memories once again. I’m so grateful to them for sitting down the night before a big bridal event and sharing this with me.

Here’s what they had to say:

You both have accomplished so much. How long have you been working actively in the field?

Gregory: For 29 years starting in a salon and later launching as the in house hair stylist for When Fox Cable DC began. He skipped to the head of his Charlottesville hair class by being the one not afraid to get in and mess with the updos, a wedding staple, before moving to skin school in Baltimore and makeup training in California.

Ida: 13 years and has always only been willing to work with a line that has global shades for everyone, something we’re finally getting the hang of.

What made you focus more on bridal with all of the other options?

Gregory: I felt it was a chance to make someone feel as special as they could with all of the people most special to them.

Ida: I loved the magical customization of it from ” trial to aisle” and loves seeing them look in the mirror realizing a vision they may have had since childhood.

How can a bride find the right provider for them?

Ida: This is something that is worth the splurge to find the right “match”. You really want someone who is certified and stays active in their career and education not just an instagram sales person. So much of that is heavily filtered or on themselves. Bridal beauty is a great chance to showcase the real deal with real people. It’s a career not a hobby.

Gregory: He believes in word of mouth over advertising. At the end of the day anyone can pay for that and he has built a long career over personal recommendation. In the condensed Delmarva region we work in good word travels fast.

What are some trends for this season. Any personal feelings on them?


Radiant skin, bronzed skin, Golden highlights, smudged liner, Pantone, liquid blush, graphic rounded liner, soft lashes and natural brows were all over the runways.

Gregory: ” If it feels right go for it but don’t muddy the waters listening to everyone else.” He suggests a deconstructed not too fussed with look is a popular choice lately to look like it was done themselves . This can be faked by adding layers and some hidden pins . If she doesn’t quite have the hair for this temporary extensions are often the answer. These can be a great option to try in a consult along with a discussion about realistic expectations which led me to my next question.

Outdoor weddings are always popular considering Maryland’s rich variety in venue assortment. What are some no no’s to avoid getting swept away at that beach or garden wedding?


  1. Carry a blot powder to de shine in the humidity .
  2. Keep a mini setting spray handy to refresh makeup with a spritz .
  3. Use a waterproof mascara to battle the heat. Consider her lash lift service she now offers with microblading over false lashes.

Gregory: Consider the temperature, always have a back up plan, and embrace the beach not fight it. You either need to spray and pin it to death so it can’t move which isn’t always the most modern or find something loose and flexible that looks all the more attractive coming undone. Don’t try too hard.

What has been your favorite wedding to work on?


I cannot pick, I’m too sentimental and they all have tremendous meaning to me. However, my favorite moment is when the bride looks in the mirror.

Gregory: He recalls one where , after finding a snake near the aisle on the farm wedding and using his country upbringing to get rid of it, (yikes) it began to rain on the couples photos that they had requested look like cotton candy. They got through the first look and he redid all the hair into a more rainy day flattering do to save the day again and move on. If that’s not getting personal satisfaction for making the day go smoothly I don’t know what is!

Any tips for how to save, budget, or splurge?

Ida: Save on your touch up gloss by grabbing a cheap rosey nude and hire a makeup artist that will provide the rest. There’s really no reason to have to buy a lot. If they’re a professional they’ll have it.

Gregory: Have the stylists come to you and ask about a group discount. You’d be surprised sometimes what is offered by pulling together your whole party and just asking. It makes the day go so much smoother and there’s certainly value in that!

What are 1-2 things to have on hand?

Ida: An accurate timeline, a setting mist, a light powder, that easy gloss, and a high stool.

Gregory: Strong hold mini purse spray, and a few pins. Gregory also offers to stay well into the wedding for his brides to insure there aren’t any mishaps and those pictures are perfect. He always has his tool belt on him.

Ida and Gregory finished the interview both agreeing that leaving the spray tans behind this season might be a good idea. Gregory suggests going for a lighter one if you do while Ida recommends skipping the face version all together and letting your makeup artist add more bronzer as it can settle in large pores if sprayed wrong.

Greg and Ida can be found at: | 443.621.3218 & | 443.579.6263 |

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