STA Joins Two Bright Lights

We are happy to announce Two Bright Lights is an editorial partner for Style to the Aisle Magazine!  Photographers can now easily access our requests for submissions and submit their images in a safe and hassle free platform.

A little about Two Bright Lights

Two Bright Lights is a collaborative network where spectacular images are simply sourced and globally published.  Our system makes it easy for over 13,000 professional photographers to submit their work to be featured in magazines, blogs and newspapers
around the world. In tandem, our content management system allows editors to manage large volumes of incoming submissions and streamline communications.

We also offer a robust sharing service for photographers to distribute images to other businesses whose work was featured in their images.

Currently, our membership includes over 500 publications and 30,000 businesses in 83 countries. To date, our software platform has enabled more than 40,000 editorial features to be sourced and published.

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