Galia Lahav Tales of the Jazz Age Collection

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The moment we laid our eyes on this new collection, we were completely  blown away, Galia takes us back to the roaring ’20s…Tales of the Jazz Age! For the Autumn/Winter 2015 season, luxury fashion house Galia Lahav brings us back to a time where feminine rhythm prevails – illustrating a world larger than we know. In the 1920’s, women venture outside of traditional norms and adopt a new eclectic fashion. This is a unique historical period in which gowns become a visual celebration of political reform. The roaring 1920’s portrays a notion of abundance and liberation from earlier restrictions.

The collection recreates the glorious style of this time period, taking on lavish lace and luxurious embellishments in new elegant and daring designs. With musical inspirations giving light to the new age of Jazz, Charleston and the speakeasy night scene, the collection is a glimpse of its radiating culture. Elaborate hand-embroidery, a variety of intricately detailed patterns and silhouettes, Galia’s work of art reveal the past, present and future.  Galia Lahav bridal collections is available  at locations world-wide including stores in the USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia and more.  Come swoon with us….

Images courtesy of Galia Lahav

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