Non-Traditional Bride Wears Pants

We all know for many brides wearing a beautiful wedding gown is a must, but there are some brides-to-be who has other plans.  There are some women who are not a big fan of dresses, it’s just not them; so why should it be any different on their wedding day.  Why not consider a chic bridal pant suit and still walk down the aisle in style.  Create your own unique look and stay true to who you are.  We are starting to see designers adding bridal pant suits to their bridal collection.  It’s not just for the 2nd time bride or the bride who chooses a civil ceremony, define your own personal style.

Designers such as Douglas Hannant and Sarah Jassir have designed fitted, sexy wedding tuxedos that cater to a decidedly womanly woman. Sleek jackets and lean trousers in creamy shades of ivory worn with towering heels and lacy camisoles or cheeky bare skin is their choice.  Hannant designs them for women he feels are looking to make an unconventional statement. He clarified, “It’s a chic alternative for the bride.” His ideal is to keep it slim and simple. Accessorize with just a pair of diamond studs and killer heels.

Here’s a few styles we found that can be just as glamorous and feminine as any dress.  Luxurious fabrics, classic tailoring and elegant style combines for a flattering and easy to wear result.

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