Off To the Honeymoon

All your planning is done.  Your wedding was absolutely beautiful and it’s finally over.  So now it’s time for the honeymoon.  Your honeymoon is your chance to unwind from all the wedding hype.  As a newlywed bride, you want to look gorgeous for your husband. Your romance starts to blossom in full swing during the honeymoon and you get to know each other on another level. So pull out all the stops to look sizzling hot on this special trip.

Tone up your body

Exercise daily and follow a healthy diet regime to get that perfect curvaceous body for your honeymoon. You want to look and feel fabulous and with a beautiful body, you can carry off almost anything you want.


This honeymoon, go nude with your make-up. Sport a minimalist look and wear very light make up. You wouldn’t want to keep your husband waiting by spending hours getting all dolled up. So a bit of gloss and some eye liner should get you through the day. In the evening, when you are going out for a romantic dinner, spend some extra time. Go for the smoky eyes effect and wear a bold shade of lipstick. Stun him with your glam new avatar.


Just because you are on your honeymoon does not mean you have to wear the skimpiest of clothes. A sari can look as sexy as a short dress, if draped well. So wear the clothes you are comfortable in and carry them off with great élan. During the day time, opt for summery dresses, long skirts and frilly tops. In the evening, wear something elegant like a nice cocktail dress. Experiment with your blouses and opt for some bold cuts. Your husband will surely not be able to take his eyes off you.

Skin care

Your face should glow during the honeymoon. After all, it is one of the most precious moments of your life. And in order to get flawless skin, it is essential that you should take care of it by toning, cleansing and moisturizing it daily.

Carry some lingerie

Want to increase the oomph factor of your honeymoon? Then don’t forget to carry some lingerie and other risqué clothes which you can wear in the confines of your suite. Delight your husband with your enticing looks.

Romantic Scent

You may wear the sexiest of clothes, the best of make-up but a sexy scent seals the deal. So make sure to pack a soft and feminine perfume. We all know we have that one scent that drives our men wild, after all you are on your honeymoon.

Body language

Your body language speaks volumes about yourself. So this honeymoon, stop being a shy mouse and be a little daring. Flirt with your husband, maintain eye contact and at times give him a naughty wink. Lure him with your luscious eye lashes.

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