Airbrush Makeup: Not Just For Brides With Celebrity Status

You’ve selected the perfect dress and shoes, but now its time to think about hair/makeup.  Some brides are undecided about their wedding look yet alone if they want to wear airbrush makeup for the big day.  Well we’re excited to have caught up with makeup artist Melissa Collazo of Dollface by Jules to share some insight with our readers.  Check it out as Melissa gives us the scoop!


How many times have you found yourself browsing the pages of the latest bridal magazine thinking, “no one actually looks like that!”  When consulting with a bride on their wedding day beauty look, the most common phrase I hear is “I want to look like a more glamorous, flawless version of myself.”  Thanks to the growth and accessibility of professional makeup artistry, the same beauty looks that you find gracing the pages of Brides Magazine can be yours!

Often brides face the dilemma – to airbrush or not to airbrush?  In my humble opinion, there is no question.  Here are a few of the most common airbrush queries, demystified.

  • What is airbrush makeup?
    • Airbrush makeup is an ultra-light, highly pigmented liquid makeup that is sprayed through a gun that evenly distributes fine mist of product over the skin leaving you with an even, flawless finish.  It is perfect for the non-makeup-wearer and the makeup diva alike, as it has a buildable coverage from very sheer to full, depending on how much product is applied.  Airbrush foundations can be found in three formulas: silicone-based, water-based, and alcohol based.
    • What is the difference between formulations?
      • Water-based formulas (such as Luminess Air and Dinair) are similar to the pancake makeup used by news anchors, TV personalities, and stage actors.  It tends to look heavier on the skin and dries to a flat, matte finish.  Because it is water-based, moisture like sweat and tears can cause the makeup to break down and move – not exactly what you want on such an emotional day!
      • Silicone-based formulas (such as Temptu AIRpods – what I use in my kit) most resembles bare skin when dry.  Silicone dries just above the skin surface which helps to hide flaws like fine lines and large pores.  Once dry, it locks into place for 14+ hours of wear time.  Unlike water-based formulas, silicone doesn’t break down as easily which makes it sweat-resistant, tear-resistant, and transfer-resistant.  In other words, feel free to ball your eyes out, dance the night away, and snuggle up close to your man, because your makeup is going nowhere!
      • Alcohol-based formulas are most commonly used for body art because of its awesome staying power.  Anytime you see actors on-screen who are covered in tattoos that they do not normally have off-screen, it is most likely applied using alcohol-based makeup.  With a lifespan of 3-5 days, alcohol-based makeup is certainly the most resilient; however, since it is made of 99% alcohol, it is not something you necessarily want on your face or near your eyes.  Ouch!
      • What makes airbrush so great for HD photos and video?
        • With the popularity of High Definition photos and video, brides have been turning to airbrush makeup for the flawless finish that it provides.  High Definition magnifies the skin 6 TIMES more than the naked eye! (Eek!) If you break down what HD actually is, it is nothing more than an compilation of small dots, or pixels  – Anyone else thinking of Mike Teavee from Willy Wonka?  The reason that airbrush makeup looks much more flawless under these conditions than traditional makeup is because it is using the exact same method, spraying on foundation using a fine mist of dots.

On your wedding day, one of the last things that a bride should have to worry about is how their makeup is holding up.  The certainty of knowing that you not only look like bridal perfection, but also that your makeup will stay put from pre-ceremony photos to the last dance is worth its weight in gold!  Choosing a makeup artist skilled at applying silicone-based, airbrush makeup will help ease your mind; knowing that the only thing you will need to touch up is a bit of lip gloss from all the smooches you will be giving to your groom.

XOXO – Melissa



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