Styled Shoot: Black & White Editorial Shoot

Who dosen’t love classic black and white?!  Last Spring, The White Dress by the Shore was inspired to style a black and white shoot that showed a dichotomy between masculine and feminine.  The vision was to combine juxtaposing elements like leather with tulle and a masculine tuxedo jacket with a girly skirt.  Tony of Datura: a modern garden was dreaming up a leather riding crop wrapped in flowers and collaborating with Candice of Jubilee Events to create a rocking tablescape!   Valentino Tailors created a custom tuxedo fit specifically to the measurements of Jamie, the model for the shoot. Well Wed magazine jumped at the chance to to feature the shoot in their Spring issue.  The next step was to find the perfect venue.  They landed on the New Haven Lawn Club because of the graphic black and white floors and the incredible art deco architecture that created the perfect back drop for this artful shoot. And true to form, the infamous Carla Ten Eyck captured the entire vision beautifully!

WELL_WED_C10_-1354-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-1548-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-1283-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-1263-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-1177-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-1033-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-1101-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-1108-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-570-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-625-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-687-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-788-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-936-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-175-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-335-Edit WELL_WED_C10_-510-Edit WELL_WED_ABRIGGS_-187-Edit1 WELL_WED_ABRIGGS_-182 WELL_WED_ABRIGGS_-161-Edit WELL_WED_ABRIGGS_-66

photos via: The White Dress by The Shore

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