8 Alternative Valentine’s Date Ideas That Your Boo Will LOVE

Before we could even blink, Valentine’s Day merchandise hit every shelf from your local grocery store to Target. February is right around the corner, so you need to get a move on planning something romantic. When trying to decide what to do for Valentine’s Day, it probably feels repetitive year after year. We know, we know – the first thing that pops into your mind is balloons, overpriced long-stem roses and crowded restaurants…

Don’t panic just yet, we’ve got 8 great alternative date ideas to help you step your game up for 2019. After all, what’s romance without a little mystery, surprise, and adventure?

1. Take a Cooking Class

They say cooking is a way to a man’s heart right, so why not take a cooking class together? Look into a local culinary school or even hiring a personal chef to help you enhance your culinary skills.

2. A Scavenger Hunt

Surprise your boo with a romantic scavenger hunt that leads you to a night of endless possibilities.  Rekindle the fire, by leading him or her on a mysterious journey. Use your imagination to start the hunt… Set a romantic table and leave the first clue on her plate, send a sexy message to his email in the morning with a clue to where to find you that night, enlist the help of a friend or by courier to deliver the first clue, or simply attach the first clue to the windshield of his car or the handle of her purse.

3. A Couples Boudoir Photo Shoot

Who said boudoir shoots are only for the ladies? Photographers like Olesha Hasket of Oh Experience Boudoir Photography specializes in boudoir shoots for couples as well. Can we say hot and steamy?

4. Sip and Paint

Grab tickets to a local couples sip and paint event where your provided with all the materials you need to share your painting talents with your partner by your side, while enjoying a glass of vino!

5. Have a Staycation

Play tourist in your own town and visit sites that you have been putting off. If you feel like splurging, make a hotel reservation at that new hotel you’ve been wanting to check out for the night or weekend and live it up as if you two are the only ones in the world.

6. Book a Couples Spa Day

To fully reap the benefits of quality time with your other half, what’s more romantic than enjoying an intimate couples spa experience at a local spa or even in the comfort of your own home. There’s plenty of local spas or at-home massage booking apps to choose from.

7. Learn to Make Chocolate

Yes! Forget dishing out the money to buy pre-boxed chocolates; why not learn how to make some delicious truffles yourself?

8. Celebrate on a Different Day

Restaurants will be super expensive and crowded on Valentine’s Day, so postpone your date night to another day and spend the holiday itself indoors, relaxing with takeout and a couple of movies. Go all-out the following night or the weekend with bouquets and a reservation at a classy restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.