He Popped The Question, Now What?

He popped the question.  You said yes! Congratulations…you’re engaged, now what?  Here’s 9 helpful tips on what to do after you’ve said yes!

1. Call Your Closest Family & Friends First: No matter how anxious you are to grab your phone, iPad or laptop to log on to Facebook or Twitter…..don’t.  First pick up the phone and call your loved ones.  Set aside a few hours to make these special phone calls, then go to social media with the good news.

2. Get A Manicure: Your hand is about to get a lot of attention, so make sure your hands are ready to be shown off to the world.  Get a manicure, whether it’s from a professional or you can always do it yourself.

3. Get Your Ring Insured & Sized: If your fiance hasn’t done it already, you need to insure your engagement ring immediately.  The jeweler should provide an appraisal slip which will be used to determine its value.  Once the ring is insured take it back to the jeweler to get resized, the last thing you want is to lose your ring because it was too big or not be able to wear it because it was too small.

4. Set A Date – Even If It’s Tentative: Sit down with your fiance and figure out when would be the best time to get married.  Seasons, family and vacations all play a part on selecting a date.  Give a two-week margin of flexibility, vendors and venues book well in advance.

5. Let’s Talk Budget: The most important thing to do before you make a call to a vendor or venue is sitting down with your fiance to discuss the budget.  Afterall its your roadmap to “I Do”.  Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on your wedding; setting a budget is a MUST.  Research vendors and get quotes so you end up with a realistic number.

6. Guest Count: To get an accurate number of how many guests to expect compile a list from both your parents and have them prioritize their wish list. We all know they can go a little overboard when it comes to inviting guests to their son/daughter’s big day.  Prioritizing the lists will make it easy to cut down later if you have to.

7. Be Inspired:  Go out and get some wedding magazines and/or go to social media for inspiration.  Now would be a good time to collect ideas that inspire you and to learn what you want & don’t want in your wedding.

8. Hiring A Professional Wedding Planner: Review the elements of your wedding and figure out the details involved, then determine if you want to tackle them on your own or if you’d rather hire a wedding planner.  Keep in mind that a wedding planner will be in added expense so make sure the option fits in your budget.

9. Relax: Don’t forget this is supposed to be a exciting and happy experience.  You don’t need to immediately jump into planning mode.  After tip #3 it’s perfectly fine to take some time and just enjoy being engaged.


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