Krikor Jabotian Fall Couture 2013

Simply put, Lebanese designer Krikor Jabotian makes magic. His dresses are so full of texture and life, symbolizing the true meaning of couture. Mr. Jabotian left his job in the creative department of Elie Saab to start his own atelier at the young age of 23 and has never looked back. Krikor Jabotian specializes in designing couture wedding and evening gowns. His gowns are sold in our showroom in Beirut, however they do ship abroad.

For Fall 2013, Jabotain paints a celestial white, ivory and matt gold palette in asymmetrical shapes, featuring skirts and bodices that are lavishly texturized with a majestic splay of frothy layered frills.  Diaphanous lace, woven embroideries, sheer tulle skirts and feathered finishings contribute to the dramatic bridal-like looks. These Goddess dresses are nothing short of spectacular, pieces of wearable art that flaunt an undulating sense of movement and embody all that is feminine. Prepare to swoon….

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