Tips To Planning Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is often the first big decision you make as a couple. Often couples do not take a honeymoon right after the wedding, but if you can…you will be able to recover from the wedding and get some much need time alone as a couple.

  1. Setting a budget. I always ask my couples for their realistic budget. That allows me to help them pick the right getaway for the funds they have available. A lot of couples now rely on the Honeyfund as a way to help pay for their honeymoon. Guests can go online and give money as their wedding  gift. Sometimes in order to get the amenities the couples want, they may have to shorten the length of the honeymoon. It is not just a vacation; it is a honeymoon so you do want some of the extras that make it different from just a regular vacation.
  2.  What do you consider the perfect vacation? It is important to find out what types of things the couple likes to do. Are they an active couple, do they just want to relax, do they like to tour?  Marriage calls for a lot of compromise and this is a great place to start.
  3. Picking your destination. When planning on a budget you may want to keep the seasons in mind. Low season in the Caribbean runs from April 14th-December 14th and that is when some of the best deals are offered.
  4. Use a travel agent. I do not charge a fee and a travel agent can provide you with expert advice on locations, tours and provide the best pricing. Rely on their expertise. It will save you time and frustration. They also have relationships with vendors to get you the little extras to make your honeymoon special.
  5. Passport Information. Please allow ample time for your passport to be received. I advise my brides to make reservations under their maiden name and wait until returning to legally change a name after marriage.
  6. Remember to rest and enjoy each other. IT IS YOUR HONEYMOON!

About The Author:

Brenda O’ Neale is the principle owner and romance specialist of  With This Ring Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Travel Agency.

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