The Bridesmaids Closet: Stylish Pairings

We absolutely adore these unique wedding color combinations to consider for a stunning bridal party! Contrasting a deep grey with a soft ivory and then adding a burst of color makes for a perfect spring vibe. Soft lavender, green or nude combined with a shimmering gold creates a sweet and soothing color palette. Try rich hues from hunter green to deep auburn mixed with the softness of pale pink and gold for a chic and bold design. Colorful hues of soft peach, coral, red and teal create an eye-catching palette for an elegant garden wedding. Make your contrasting palette pop with the 2013 color of the year – emerald green!

BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_18 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_25 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_30 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_09 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_03 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_06 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_11 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_16 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_37 BridesmaidsShootSS2013_BONT_BenQPhotography_15


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